İrem Güçeri
University of Oxford 

Interests: applied microeconometrics, policy evaluation, corporate taxation, R&D and innovation


"Effectiveness of Fiscal Incentives for R&D: A Quasi-Experiment", with Li Liu, accepted for publication in American Economic Journal: Economic Policy   (Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation Working Paper 15/12).


 "Will the Real R&D Employees Please Stand up? Effects of Tax Breaks on Firm Level Outcomes" (accepted for publication in International Tax and Public Finance. Most updated version: Download here! An earlier version: Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation Working Paper 16/02).


"R&D and Productivity: Evidence from Large UK Establishments with Substantial R&D Activities" (with Steve Bond), 2017, Economics of Innovation and New Technology Vol.26, Issue 1-2, pp.108-120. 



"Fiscal Incentives for Science, Technology and Innovation Activities: Good Practice Review Report" (2017), The World Bank.

"R&D Tax Credits" (2016), European Tax Policy Forum policy paper.


"Can ‘the Good Law’ get better? An impact study of: Isencao Fiscal em Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento ‘the Good Law’", with Michael Devereux (2015), report commissioned by Brazil's Ministry of Finance.


"Tax incentives for research and development", with Paulo Correa (2013, World Bank report).


"Research and Innovation for Smart Specialization Strategy: concept, implementation challenges and implications", with Paulo Correa (2013, World Bank report).


"Intellectual property rights and high-growth firms in the UK", with Christian Helmers, Georg von Graevenitz, Christine Greenhalgh and Philipp Schautschick (2013, Report for the UK Intellectual Property Office 2013/27).


"Tax Incentives and R&D: an Evaluation of the UK 2002 Reform using Micro Data" (2015, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation Working Paper 15/11).


"Trends in UK BERD after the Introduction of R&D Tax Credits", with Steve Bond (2012, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation Working Paper 12/01).



DPhil thesis: Tax Incentives, R&D and Productivity (2014)


MPhil thesis: Tax Incentives, R&D and Productivity: an Empirical Investigation (2011)


MSc thesis: Financial Openness of Turkey and the Reasons Underlying its Capital Flows (2007)




"Public Expenditure Review in Science, Technology and Innovation for Russian Federation: Policy Evaluation and Effectiveness Assessment Methodology Note" (background paper for the project proposal, 2015, The World Bank)


"Romania Western Region Research and Technological Development Ecosystem" (background paper for the Romania Western Region Competitiveness Enhancement and Smart Specialization project, 2013, The World Bank).